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Our services include:

Investment advice

Based on a “Dedicated Portfolio Theory” approach

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Bond selection

Using the “Smart Beta” method

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Auto-investing tools

To help you easily put compounding to work

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Fixed income IRA

Considered the best choice to invest in bonds

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IncomeClub uses Asset Dedication to match clients’ cash flows to their liabilities

“The problem with traditional asset allocation is that it uses formulas that are often removed from how clients think about their money and when they will need it. Model portfolios regularly fail to distinguish between clients whose monetary characteristics appear to be similar, but whose needs differ. This can be true for institutional as well as individual clients.
There is a better way. The asset dedication approach allows advisors to create investment strategies driven by client goals. Like a pension manager, an asset dedicating advisor will match cash flow to projected liabilities.”
By Stephen J. Huxley, J. Brent Burns

Asset Dedication Book

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