Why Bonds

Incorporating bonds in a bond portfolio helps you to generate a reliable income, preserve wealth and  build your retirement nest egg.

A “defined maturity” bond feature helps you to save money for your goals with targeted dates, like kids education or house purchase.

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What are bonds

Bonds are a type of loan that are designed to help governments or corporations raise money through the use of investors.

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Bonds vs. Stocks

Bonds and stocks each have a place in your portfolio, based on personal circumstances.

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Bonds vs. Funds

Owning individual bonds provides important advantages over investing in bond funds.

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International Bonds

International bonds compliment domestic holdings, providing important diversification for many investors.

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Steady and Predictable vs. Up-and-Down

Performance Backtesting
Backtesting Portfolio Comparison**Five-year laddered portfolio with the IncomeClub medium risk rating: This tested portfolio was built on BofA Merrill Lynch Indexes, which are tracking the performance of the U.S. dollar-denominated corporate debts of various risk ratings publicly issued in the US domestic market. Each BofA Merrill Lynch Index, such as “BofA Merrill Lunch US High Yield BBB Effective Yield ©” includes all bonds of a particular risk rating group with different maturities. The backtesting results include historical default ratios. Historical defaults and recovery ratios have been taken from the latest “Annual Default Study: Corporate Default and Recovery rates, 1920-2014” publish March 2015 by Moody’s Investor Service.

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