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Automated Investment Management Services

Over the past several years, online investment has started to grow in popularity.

A big part of the reason behind this is the fact that the technology available today has made it possible to satisfy the needs of the investors out there who need to buy and sell via the web.

Having easy to use software will provide the users with the information they need and the tools they require to make their trades.However, not all of the investment tools function as well as one would like, so it is important to make sure that you are choosing to work with a high-quality service.
Bond Investing Fundamentals

IncomeClub’s Investment Management

The investment management services available need to allow you to structure your asset allocation model so that it matches your risk and tolerance level.

Let’s look at some of the most essential parameters that the tool needs to include.

It should have options for investment strategies, the investment horizon, and maturity distribution, risk rating distribution, industry distribution, price constraints, risk rating constraints, industry constraints, and sell criteria.

IncomeClub  will go through and set all of your parameters that will meet your investment style and needs.

At that point, you should be comfortable executing your portfolio.

With IncomeClub, you will have two different tools at your disposal for auto investing, which we will cover below.

The automated investment management  tools help to make it much easier for  you to control and manage your portfolio.


This option is only partially automated, or “semi-automated.”

After IncomeClub set up your portfolio based on your needs, the platform will then run the inventory and check on the investor’s cash each day.

It will then offer various bonds and quantities that will work with the portfolio model as we have set it up.

You will then be able to check the bonds that IncomeClub offers and determine whether they interest you or not.

You can manually choose them and commit to buying them.

The price and the time of execution will vary based on the IncomeClub’s discretion.


With this automated investment management service, the tool is actually set up to handle the execution.

It does the same as the “Self-Invest”t tool, meaning that it will check the inventory and the investor’s cash each day.

However, instead of having you make the decision about buying the bonds, this tool will take care of the buying as well. It will select the best bonds for your portfolio and send orders right to the broker.

When you use the asset investment management service tool, everything is performed by IncomeClub.

IncomeClub makes a discretionary decision about security, quantity, price and time of execution.

Which one of the options should you choose?

It truly depends on the level of hands-on time you want or needs with your portfolio.

If you prefer to have the tool take care of as much as possible for you, then the “Auto-Invest” tool is likely going to be your best option.


The “Self-Invest” tool is currently unavailable.
Bond Investing Fundamentals