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Every investor desires a balance of risk and return based on individual goals and circumstances. That’s why most investment advisors recommend building portfolios with a combination of stocks and bonds. Incorporating individual bonds in a portfolio helps you preserve wealth, diversify assets, generate predictable income and manage the risk of fluctuating interest rates.

About bond investing

Companies and governments issue bonds when they need a loan to fund new projects. The riskier that loan, the higher the interest rate they need to offer to get investors to buy their bond. When companies or governments issue a bond, they promise to make regularly scheduled payments to the investor at a given rate of interest, for a specified number of years. At the end of that time period, they promise to return invested principal back to the bond buyer. This last characteristic of individual bonds provides an important advantage over bond funds when interest rates fluctuate.

In comparison to stocks, high-quality bonds generally offer more reliable returns at lower risk. This is important for investors that require cash in the next few years to fund needs such as education, home improvements or retirement.

The bond portion of every investor’s portfolio can combine individual bonds issued by companies, municipalities or governments, from the United States or internationally. Each type of bond has different characteristics, and can be blended into a bond portfolio to reduce income taxes, address shorter-term vs longer-term cash needs, as well as minimize the risk of interest rate changes, currency exchange fluctuations, and bond defaults.

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